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Vacuum drying method is not a new invention but Maguire has introduced this method into the plastics industry. The way they did it was also big key to the success, it’s very easy to use and very effective..


The idea how it works is following, when the dryer has heated up the material it moves into the next position, vacuum position. There the moisture is pressed out from the material due the fact that water is boiling in vacuum at 56 degrees Celsius. After that it moves to the emptying station where it can be unloades. The heating is like in conventional dryers but with the differs that material is subjected to heat only 10% of the time that it would be in conventional dryers. For instance 4 hours equals to apprx. 20 minutes in the LPD dryer. The material has to also be 20 minutes in the vacuum position, then it’s dry.


With quick drying times you can use as little material in the dryer as you really need.

LPD drying has up to 80 % less energy consumption than the conventional methods.


It is worth to notice also that the risk of overdrying the material is almost minimal, due to the fact that the material is in direct heat only a fraction of  what the material supplier recommends. It’s also possible to dry very small amounts because that the rotating canister does not need to be full. This is a good property when doing test and trials. You can start quick and change material quickly also.


maguire ldp30 maguire ldp
  LPD 30 LPD 100 LPD 200 LPD 1000
Standard version max C° 150 150 150 150
High heat verison 180 180 180 180
Throughput* 15 kg/h 50 kg/h 90 kg/h 420kg/h
Canister volume 9 L 30 L 57 L 266L
Empty weight 250 kg 330 kg 430 kg 1140kg
Packing weight 100x90x190 cm 100x90x220 cm 100x90x240 cm 1750x1100x3200 cm
Heater element 3 KW/13 A 5 KW/22 A 5 KW/22 A 40KW
Blower 0,37 KW/2,5 A 1,86 KW/3 A 2,6 KW/6,2 A 10KW/50h
Total power supply 400V/3Ph/50Hz 400V/3Ph/50Hz 400V/3Ph/50Hz 400V/3Ph/50Hz
  3,47 KW/ 9A 6,96 KW/ 20A 7,7 KW/ 20A 60A
Compressed air requirement 7 bar 7 bar 7 bar 7 bar
Compressed usage 0,7 m3/h 3,4 m3/h 4 m3/h 4,76 m3/h
* Throughput is depending on material density and drying time, given throug put is based on 20 min heating time +20 min vacuum drying time. Back
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