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Oy BowtecAb. in 2006 set up a limited liability company having worked previously part of Baritec Ltd. 's engine. The company's main activity is to provide the plastics industry machinery and equipment in connection with the raw material handling and storage.

We also offer lines and peripheral equipment for extruders and extrusion lines.

 We have been doing well for over ten years of co-operation with our key heads, so we can together with the heads clients to take advantage of all the Heads of the best equipment and solutions for our customers benefit.


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ICEVA Ab in 1981 set up by family-owned company whose office is located in Landskrona, in the south of Sweden.
The company has already working well over 20 years on
material handling and storage-related equipment to Finland.

ICEVAN is known for their excellent services, fast
deliveries, best quality, strong and longterm solution
for industrial use, this is all offered with a good prices.

The company manufactures a wide range of conveying
equipment for raw materials. There is solutions both for
small or
large for material transfer applications. In Finland there are
over 50 plastics companies who has central feeding system from ICEVA.



Venturi Hoper loader

1-phase Hoper loader GS

3-phase Hoper loader GS-VP

Central conveying system




Bag emptying station

Magnet grids

Colorfeed volumetrical dosing                   


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Maguire Products Inc. is a company who is founded in 1977

and after that has grown to the world's largest raw material

handling supplier when it comes to dosing and blending the materials gravimetrically.


The company continuously invests in product development

and introduces new developed equipment for plastics

industry, as example the LPD Low Pressure Dryer launched in 1999.


Maguire opened therir European Sales Office in 1995 in Tamworth England. There is as

well as a major warehouse from where the Finish and Estonian market is supplied with

products. They have also a competence center which supports you with technical issues.

Gravimetrical dosing

Vacuum drying






















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