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WSB Gravimetriset dosing and mixing units  (WSB=weigh scale blender)

In 1989, Maguire produced their first WSB gravimetrical dosing unit, and since then they have sold more than some 30 000 pieces WSB units on a global scale

The popularity of the WSB gravimetrical dosing units is due to the fact that they are easy to use and that they are very accurate. The weigh scale sensors can detect so small difference of 0,025 grams (1 pellet) and the dosing therefore is easy to be corrected, for instace the Micro-Pulse ™, can dose as small as a few granulates at a time. The dosing proportion is contiously checked buy weighing every material at a time. The correction that might be needed is done directly on latest in the next batch, depending on the fault marginal. When a batch is ready in the weigh bin, it’s is dropped to the mixing chamber and where ist is mixed before it gets in the process. This ensures that even small amounts of material mixes well to the virgin material and the regrinded

When choosing the right WSB-unit you have to take into consideration following facts that you can choose the WSB that is right for your purpose.

What is the desired productivity, kg / hour?

How many materials will be mixed?

What is the portions in the mixture?

What are the quality of the materials, the virgin, the additive or regrind?

Materials physical shape, powder, pellets, or else?

We will help of course, happy to help you to choose the right WSB-unit for you:





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