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Raw Material Central feeding system means in practice that the material conveying is done buy a centralised system. The system uses a vacuum pump to build vacuum and every machine is connected to a vacuum line. The material hoppers on the machines will be equipped with cyclones that are filled with material buy using the suction of the vacuum line. The material  is brought to the cyclone either from beside the production machine or from a centralised material stock, in this case you have to provide for each machine a rawmaterial line in which the material is transported.

In the central feeding system is a central filter which takes away dust is created when transporting material. The dust goes in the vacuum line to the filter. When there is less dust in the material will the production process function better. Also when the central filter is in front of the vacuum pump this will make it very reliable and durable.

This process is operated from a control panel from which you can adjust for instance cyclone suction times, alarm levels and clean suction time etc.

The vaccum pump is selected depending of the distances you want to transport material.

Furthermoore you use often a switch table so that quick material changes are possible.

When using central feeding system you get following advantages:

  1. Dust is collected to the central filter and is not in the production
  2. Raw material handling is not done next to the machine which gives you more space and helps to keep the area around the machine clean and effective.
  3. You have less parts in the system that needs service attention.

ICEVA Ab, has a long experience of producing and selling central feeding systems delivered to Finland and also to rest of Europe. We offer gladly both small or large systems, and we will help design and installation.

An example of some of the components of the system:
Bowtec Oy 2008